PH-US Trade Relations​

PH US Trade Relations

The Philippines and the United States have long enjoyed strong and robust trade relations. Total Philippines – U.S. bilateral merchandise trade has steadily increased from 2017 ($17.44B) to 2018 ($18.70B) and to 2019 ($19.64B). While the Philippines benefits from a slight trade surplus with the United States, our bilateral merchandise trade relationship, on the whole, covers a range of products including electronics, industrial materials, processed foods, and agriculture. The United States in the Philippines’ 3rd largest trading partner following Japan and China.

Philippine exports to the United States grew by 8.75% from $10.64B in 2018 to $11.57B. For American companies looking to source products from the Philippines, our country is a beneficiary under the United States Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Program, which grants duty-free access for thousands of Philippine-made products when imported into the United States. In 2019, the Philippines exported an estimated $1.6B of its products to the U.S. under GSP.

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